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In the current technological era, there are IT bigwigs in the industry who are growing phenomenally owing a great deal to their customers but in the race for growth tend to lose that personal rapport with them with a result of dwindling direct services. Triage Technocrats was founded with an aspiration to build a team of people who shall be able to cater compassionately to customer challenges providing them with the apt solutions for business growth.

" For us our customer is our icon and We strongly believe our USP is Customer Satisfaction."

Triage Technocrats Pvt Ltd. is a Pune based Software Company engaged in the field of software development, customization, database management,web designing and testing. We are specialized in Database ,Application Development and Consultation. With this unique combination of ability and knowledge, Triage Technocrats can furnish Better Quality Solutions at Fair Price. More than just a technical consulting firm, we believe in end-to-end solutions for all of our clients. We, at Triage Technocrats deliver cutting edge solutions, which help the businesses to manage the cost, improve the processes and optimize the business growth, thereby delivering Value to our clients.

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Product Development
Product Re-engineering.
Web Designing
Mobile application development
Database Management
Software Testing Services

Our Mission

To provide cost effective business solutions and empower clients in their drive to be globally competitive.

Our Vision

To deliver the best solutions in the stipulated time, assuring superior quality to clients for achieving greater milestones in minimal time.

Benefits offered by Triage

We offer highly scalable resources with our versatile development talent that has expertise in various domains. We adhere to product management and software development processes. With our global delivery model, companies can take advantage of the time differences to decrease the elapsed development time, which in turn, helps bring the products to market in shorter time spans.


Software Product Development/Product Re-engineering

Need to enhance product lifecycle as enterprises are getting increasingly pressured with the modern-day demands related to competition getting stiffer, rising customer demands, margins getting lower, software companies are no exception. To improve the performance of the existing software product, often, it needs to be modified and updated, the important performance criteria being maintaining its speed and stability. As software products are facing ever-increasing competition, it is necessary to add more functionality in the same software. Sometimes a software product needs to be re-engineered to correct the existing bugs.

Product re-engineering defines the process by which an already released product keeps being buildable and marketable.

Software companies are increasingly looking at the option of outsourcing their activities, as this leads to substantial savings. The savings are even higher for essential product lifecycle tasks from developing to maintaining complex software systems, which is fuelling the rapid rise in outsourcing this kind of work.

The simpler, economical way at Triage, we specialize in product development, production processes and operating methods in a way that takes into consideration the environmental impact of the products during their entire lifecycle.

Our Co-product Development / Product Re-engineering services aim to accelerate the creation of your software products, reduce time-to-market and help make schedules predictable in order to manage resources efficiently, predict costs, and reduce market and technology risks.

Our Amazing Works

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Software For Coaching Classes

Software For Coaching Classes

Software For Coaching Classes

  New Admissions   Student details   Fees details   Attendance - SMS for children   Attendance for Employees   Real-time application update for Student/Teacher   Employee Salary   Different Student/Employee Reports   Question Bank   Generate Tests
Attendance System

Attendance System

Attendance System

  No Proxy Attendance   Real-time Data   Employee Multiple Punch in/Out   Total duration   Daily Attendance Report   Monthly Attendance Report
File Management System

File Management System

File Management System

  Upload/Download files as per the privileges given.   Add/Edit/View/Delete/Download/Print Files.   Preview of files.   Search by file name/content.   Audit/Trail of different actions.   Reports.

Android Application Development

Android Application Development

Android Application Development

  Built useful, interesting, and reliable android apps.   using latest technology of Android .   Android Media APIs .Location-Based APIs.   Android security Architecture,Facebook API.   Cloud Integration.   Push Notification Integration .   Google Ads and 3rd party Advertisement.

Website Development

Web Designing

Web Designing

  We develop Conceptualizing User interface Design.   Responsive design .   Database driven websites.   Website Revamp.   Website Maintenance.   E-Commerce .




  Developed for school going childs safety.   It gives real-time updates and notifications /SMS to parents regarding the child movement from school to home.   To know more click here What people say about our product.

Hopchu is an excellent app to track your child as she travels to and from school. The best part is as a parent, I get the alert few mins before the bus arrives at my home. No more rushing out of your home to catch the school bus :)

Good, helpful

Very good, Happy with the service

Best app, Happy with the service.

Now I know when my daughters are in the bus.

We are really very happy with your service. I am getting all messages on time.

Good because our family is a joint family, we can use it for all the kids in the house.

Very happy with the service.

Hopchu is a great thing for school kids going by bus...it lets us know when the bus is approaching and thus saves us a lot of time in the morning.

Hopchu is a great app which I strongly recommend.

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